The Brand Celsineo

A revolutionary idea is turning previous cold chain logistics concepts on their head and taking the economic efficiency of the cold chain to a whole new level. Celsineo means innovative cooling systems for semi-trailers.

The Name


The reference to the inventor of temperature measurement Celsius associates the product innovation and brand with the scientific pioneer Anders Celsius. In 1742, he defined precise measuring conditions, the temperature scale named after him, degrees Celsius. The revolutionary thing was that Celsius had proposed to use it as a universal scale to compare temperatures all over the world. An innovator in terms of temperature is therefore the optimal eponym for a product innovation in refrigeration logistics.


The second part of the brand name stands for the idea of innovation itself, the idea of the new. Because Celsineo is a revolution in refrigerated logistics and renews everything that has existed before.

Two strong partners

The Liebherr Group is active in numerous industries around the globe. For 70 years, Liebherr has stood for a wide range of sophisticated products and services. Among other things, the company has extensive specialist and development expertise in the fields of cooling, air conditioning, electronics, electrics and drives. With cooling systems for households, deep-freeze systems for retailers and refrigeration units for transport logistics, Liebherr makes the entire cold chain safe and reliable.

Liebherr Website

Krone is one of the leading manufacturers of truck trailers and semi-trailers in Europe. The refrigerated semi-trailers from Krone provide the right answer to every transport task - for whatever purpose. They stand for robustness down to the smallest detail and maximum economy. A comprehensive, Europe-wide network of service partners and close customer proximity ensure the company's international success.

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