04. May 2021

25th anniversary: The KRONE Cool Liner refrigerated semitrailer celebrates its birthday. Together with CELSINEO a technological and economic benchmark!

The Cool Liner has been constantly revised and further developed and has thus become what it is today: a premium refrigerated semitrailer that celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The new Cool Liner is full of detail improvements that make everyday transport easier and safer. With the standard Krone telematics equipment, the Cool Liner always remains within reach of the dispatcher, even at long distances, and can be seamlessly integrated into a modern fleet management system. Finally, the comprehensive range of additional equipment ensures that the refrigerated trailer can be perfectly adapted to a wide variety of transport tasks, making the Cool Liner a real all-rounder. Together with the Krone Cool Liner, CELSINEO forms a coordinated and harmonious overall package - including Krone Fair Care Complete.

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