29. June 2021

Anders Celsius (1701-1744) founded the temperature scale. CELSINEO takes his work one step further with technical innovations - for temperature constancy or comfortable control, for example.

CELSINEO is a special name for a special brand. The brand name consists of two parts. The first part is named after the famous Swedish astronomer, mathematician and physicist Anders Celsius. His revolutionary idea was to use a universal scale to compare temperatures around the world. "Neo", the second part of the brand name, is Greek and means "new", highlighting the idea of being new.

Thus, the very naming of CELSINEO transports the central character of the product - a completely new way of thinking about refrigeration logistics. CELSINEO stands for a new way in refrigerated logistics and for an innovative, revolutionary concept. No single feature, such as reliability, was deliberately placed in the foreground. Because the new cooling system has several advantages.

Fun fact: Contrary to the scale used today, Anders Celsius defined the boiling point of water as 0° and the freezing point as 100°. Later, Carl von Linné reversed, the fixed points of the scale.