22. July 2021

CELSINEO and KRONE Cool Liner - the optimal combination

CELSINEO is designed for use on KRONE Cool Liner vehicles. In temperature-controlled goods transport, the KRONE Cool Liners are particularly well positioned. With great flexibility and a wealth of detailed solutions, they stand for robustness and maximum economic efficiency.

Chassis, body and equipment are stable and well thought-out. From the flexible air duct to the liquid-tight floor pan to the stainless steel rear latches - thanks to many detailed solutions developed with customers, the Cool Liner meets the highest demands.

Whether vegetables, meat or frozen goods - every type of food transport is in good hands in the Krone Cool Liner. The Cool Liner is available with the HACCP-compliant special equipment you require. Particularly helpful: with KRONE Telematics, you are always well informed online about the position, condition and temperature of your transports.

Safety is also a top priority with the Cool Liner. Intelligent functions keep you informed about your transport around the clock. In addition to telematics, you benefit from tire pressure monitoring and ramp approach assistance. Comprehensive safety systems, such as KRONE Door Protect, also provide special protection.