25. November 2021

CELSINEO: new software, new features

The CELSINEO control and operating software is constantly being further developed. With more than 50 new or improved functions in the current software release, CELSINEO is even more powerful and easy to use.

One of the new functions is "After Repair Check". In an automatic test run, the service workshop can perform a comprehensive function test. The self-diagnosis includes, for example, the three modules, the powerpack, cooling performance, and much more. Around 80 parameters are measured, and the test only takes around 30 minutes. As a result, a comprehensively tested cooling unit is ready for the transport company after a repair or service - including documentation.

Another new feature is "Fast Charging", which enables the battery to be charged quickly at three times higher current than before (in standby-mode). And with a new defrost strategy, defrosting processes start anticipatorily, enabling higher defrost efficiency.

*This photo was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.