15. March 2022

CELSINEO Start of Sales in Spain and Portugal

CELSINEO expands in Europe: The development of the service network in Spain is in full swing and already now CELSINEO is well positioned with the existing service partners in Spain and through representatives of the company Keytrailer in Portugal.

For the Spanish sales team of Krone and the Portuguese agent Keytrailer, a theoretical and practical sales launch training was held in Valencia. Liebherr and Krone jointly conducted the program. The focus was on the market launch of CELSINEO in Spain and Portugal. The technical and economic benefits of CELSINEO for customers formed the basis for an intensive transfer of know-how that meets the brand's high quality standards. José Antonio Partido Masa, Key Account Manager CELSINEO: "We are very pleased to be able to offer CELSINEO in Spain and Portugal with immediate effect. The total package with Krone Cool Liner is extremely attractive, and customer demand is already considerable. Modular refrigeration is ideal not only for regional and national transports, but especially for international transports - such as fresh fruit and vegetables - to Central and Northern Europe. Regarding the transport of pharmaceutical products, too, CELSINEO's modular architecture offers unique benefits for operators."



The modular cooling unit CELSINEO is a development of Krone and Liebherr and has three cooling modules. The CELSINEO modules can all be controlled individually. This results in more precise control of the temperature in the loading area. Uninterrupted cooling is ensured by simultaneous cooling and defrosting. The system covers numerous areas of application, making the overall trailer system even more versatile.

*This photo was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.