07. June 2022

CELSINEO supports voluntary fire department in Austria

More than 250,000 voluntary fire department women and men provide rapid assistance in thousands of operations every year. In relation to the number of inhabitants, Austria has the most firefighters of all European countries. Several Liebherr employees also volunteer for local fire department organizations. A CELSINEO refrigeration unit with KRONE Cool Liner now had the opportunity to support a volunteer fire department: The annual festival of the volunteer fire department Kollersdorf/Sachsendorf (Lower Austria) was a complete success because drinks of all kinds were reliably cooled by CELSINEO in a trailer. All guests had a great time. Cheers to the volunteer fire department!


The modular cooling unit CELSINEO is a development of KRONE and Liebherr and has three cooling modules. The CELSINEO modules can all be controlled individually. This results in more precise control of the temperature in the loading area. Uninterrupted cooling is ensured by simultaneous cooling and defrosting. The system covers numerous areas of application, making the overall trailer system even more versatile.