09. September 2021

Chasing the cold – the story behind the wealth of experience

Refrigeration technology is everywhere: in the home, in supermarkets, in the office, in manufacturing, in museums or in operating theatres - and with CELSINEO in temperature-controlled transport.

“For Heat and Cold are Nature’s two hands, whereby she chiefly worketh; and Heat we have in readiness, in respect of the Fire. But for Cold, we must stay till it cometh, or seek it in deep Caves, or high Mountains; and when all is done, we cannot obtain it in any great degree.” English philosopher and statesman Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1629) summed up the dilemma of the pre-industrial age: cold is simply impossible to grasp. Perhaps because it doesn’t actually exist? In physical terms, cold is in fact heat – or rather the absence of heat or, to put it more simply, a state that is lower than the ambient temperature. It was a long way to the refrigerator in every household, to air-conditioned trains and to innovative transport refrigeration, in which Liebherr also played a decisive role.

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