21. October 2021

Proud of CELSINEO – our team of experts

Numerous experts are active in the CELSINEO team. With ideas, creativity, hard work and high quality standards, they ensure that CELSINEO is a lively and innovative brand. We introduce them. Today: Dr. Anton Tonchev, Systems Engineer.

Who I am: Dr. Anton Tonchev, Systems Engineer

My background: I live in Vienna, I am married and have a little son (6 years old). My family roots are in Bulgaria. After studying mechatronics with specialization in control and automation engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, followed by my PhD at the Graz University of Technology in the field of numerical simulation, I have been working at Liebherr-Transportation Systems with a short interruption in Korneuburg (Austria) since 2010. First I gained very valuable experience in the field of auxiliary converter development for rail vehicles. This expertise was then concretely applied in the development of CELSINEO.

What I do: I am responsible for the specification of the whole electrical system, E-architecture and E-components in terms of behavior and efficiency. In addition, I organize EMC measurements and also supervise them myself.

What is special about CELSINEO: The very limited design space in the powerpack area compared to competing products is a challenge. CELSINEO's electrical network uses components based on the latest technology. The integration with the powertrain and the three independent cooling modules is extremely challenging. This integrative approach also led to several patents being behind CELSINEO today.

What is most enjoyable: The tasks are very exciting and challenging. The push for the latest technology to protect the environment requires top engineering performance. I am proud to be part of the team for a product with which Liebherr is looking ahead and strongly driving technical development.

Current focus: We are currently in the midst of developing the successor to CELSINEO. Several improvements are being planned, built, extensively tested and evaluated to make the overall product even fitter for the future. For this purpose, we are currently dealing with many concepts, which I personally really enjoy.

My personal statement: I am proud of CELSINEO!

*This photo was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.