01. July 2021

Rethinking trailer cooling - CELSINEO is breaking new technological ground. Many features justify the uniqueness of the brand and the product.

With its patented technology concept, the innovative cooling system represents a new dimension in refrigerated transport logistics. CELSINEO has a variety of technical features that have never been seen before in this form in the field of trailer cooling systems, such as modularity and redundancy. This gives this cooling system a unique character.

C for Cooperation: a partnership between two renowned companies Liebherr and Krone.

E for Excellence: the greatest possible know-how and maximum innovation for a completely new system concept for the cooling unit.

L for Logistic: CELSINEO brings maximum cooling availability to the road.

S for Service: Maintenance and service of the refrigeration unit and trailer from a single source - the principle of the one-stop store has a clear practical advantage.

I for Innovation: three modules set a new industry standard in temperature-controlled transport.

N for Name: derived from the founder of the temperature scale, Anders Celsius (1701-1744), CELSINEO provides new advantages in temperature-sensitive applications.

E for Excitement: CELSINEO fascinates - "Re-inventing cold chain logistics means finding new ways" is the message.

O for Opportunities: CELSINEO is Krone´s and Liebherr's answer to the expectations and needs of users - and enables the development of new added value in the refrigerated transport business.