05. August 2021

Unique: with the new CELSINEO training trailer, training of CELSINEO service personnel is possible throughout Europe.

KRONE and Liebherr are breaking new ground with the CELSINEO training trailer: a KRONE Cool Liner is set up as an education and training centre. In addition to the existing CELSINEO online training offers, on-site training and mobile product demonstrations for customers as well as service and maintenance personnel can now be easily implemented. The trailer is equipped with a CELSINEO demonstration unit outside and a CELSINEO viewing unit inside. In addition, there is also a training diesel engine. The training trailer offers space for nine participants, as well as for trainers and interpreters. Power sockets and USB power supplies for all seats and a large 4K flat screen complete the equipment. Large windows and air conditioning ensure a bright and comfortable ambience. Erwin Bannack, CELSINEO trainer: "Even before the pandemic, we held numerous training courses at the Liebherr site in Korneuburg, Austria. Currently our online training courses are very well received. As soon as the Corona situation in Europe eases, we can offer an additional new quality of information and practical knowledge on site with our mobile training trailer."

*This photo/video was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.