17. May 2022

We are proud of our team of CELSINEO-experts

Numerous experts are active in our CELSINEO team. With ideas, creativity, hard work and high quality standards, they ensure that CELSINEO is a lively and innovative brand. Today we introduce to you: Florian Hofstaetter, Krone Trailer.

Who I am: Florian Hofstaetter, Regional Sales Manager Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH & Co KG, responsible for Upper Austria, Lower Austria West, and Salzburg.

My background: I am 30 years old, live in Upper Austria / district of Perg, am married and have 2 children.

My job: Since 2015, I can implement at KRONE my training as a motor vehicle technician and additional training as a retail salesman with a focus on sales in Austria.

What is special about CELSINEO: The technical innovation of modular cooling developed by Liebherr is unique. Together with the KRONE Cool Liner, which is precisely matched to CELSINEO, the result is a complete package that increases customer benefits considerably.

What is most enjoyable: The advantages of CELSINEO, such as availability, service simplification, ease of use, etc. are evident. To offer this technology is great. When I then see one of "my" sold vehicles on the road, I am particularly pleased.

My personal statement: KRONE Cool Liner and CELSINEO - a really cool duo!

*This photo was taken in compliance with the locally applicable Corona guidelines.