The innovative class of cooling systems: The outstanding characteristics are maximum availability, economic efficiency and truly simple service. Celsineo creates an entirely new class of cooling systems with performance potential that sets new milestones and delivers clear added value – for you and your customers.

Modularity provides the perfect solution

Standard cooling and refrigeration units have a centralised refrigeration circuit. This means large quantities of refrigerant and many different components for control, and so on. When the refrigeration circuit fails, this has serious consequences for the sensitive cargo. There is no such problem with the new Celsineo cooling system, because with this system good things come in threes: With Celsineo, the cooling capacity is distributed across three identically structured plug-and-play cooling modules, each of which contains a separate, hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit with only a few components. However, if one module does fail, the other two modules can reliably maintain the set temperature in the trailer. So the tour can be completed as scheduled.


  • Module versions instead of device versions
  • Redundant and modular system
  • Higher control accuracy in partial load operation by simply switching between the cooling modules
  • Low temperature peaks for defrosting
  • No complex, unreliable exhaust aftertreatment thanks to low-emission diesel motor (Stage V/Tier IV non-road compliant)
  • Significantly reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Low total operating costs
  • Future system upgrades possible with the existing architecture when technology or the law changes
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Intelligent system architecture

New dimension of availability

Reliable cooling systems play a decisive role in the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods. High availability of the systems is the key to economic efficiency and commercial success for any logistics company. Celsineo is therefore designed to provide the highest level of availability and reliability.

Every cooling module has an autonomous refrigeration circuit for refrigeration. With three modules, a control strategy with many variants is possible. The efficiency over the entire operating range reaches a completely new level.

Celsineo comes with intelligent control of the cooling modules for simultaneous cooling and defrosting. Two cooling modules cool and one module is in “defrost”mode. This effectively minimises the dreaded temperature peaks during the defrosting cycle. The result is a consistently stable temperature curve. The goods in the cargo area are therefore kept at ideal temperature.

Celsineo cooling systems stand for the highest quality and have been validated in a large number of product and field tests. to maximise cooling availability and reliability.

Intelligent management of the electrical components ensures maximum system availability.

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Thanks to high availability and reliability, Celsineo helps you exploit opportunities and minimise risks.

With Celsineo, your company benefits from high return on investment for the long term. Given low maintenance and repair costs, a high availability and greater productivity of your trailer, as well as, in particular, consistently low total operating costs, your investment in our revolutionary cooling system will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

Profit from the benefits

  • Fewer downtimes = More operating time
  • Fewer service components = Less service time
  • Flexibility for fleets = Investment advantages for the operator
  • Fast trailer conditioning = Cost and time savings
  • Consistent on-time delivery = No contractual penalties
  • Many possible uses and applications = Maximum trailer utilisation and simple scheduling
  • Easy upgrades = Future-oriented
  • Very robust = high re-sale value

The result: low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership = acquisition, operating and maintenance costs).