What is the value of being spared long stays in the workshop or repairs by expensive refrigeration technicians? It's priceless. Celsineo provides this.


Celsineo follows the one-stop-shop principle. Service and maintenance of the trailer and the cooling unit can be done at one point. That delivers real added value, as you avoid having to go to different workshops for service. Maintenance and service times are significantly shorter as a result and operating time is maximised. Highest service quality is, of course, guaranteed.

Celsineo service partners maintain and service the entire trailer, including the Celsineo cooling unit. A comprehensive service network ensures that a service partner is always near you.

With Celsineo, you do not have to wait long. And with this cooling system, you can take that literally. If a cooling module malfunctions at any time, you can go to a Celsineo service partner and have it replaced within an hour. Work on the refrigeration circuit and the time spent at workshops to get it done are now a thing of the past.

With standard cooling systems, repair work often requires the expensive expertise of a certified refrigeration technician. Celsineo products are simpler and do not require a refrigeration technician.