New: Solar Panel

Solar Power - the simple solution from CELSINEO

We would like to introduce you to our innovation that has generated a lot of interest and discussion since its presentation in spring 2023: the CELSINEO Solar Panel.

This inconspicuous device has a big impact as it extends battery life, provides more power for telematics and saves fuel when CELSINEO is running in start/stop mode. The solar panel can be easily installed on the CELSINEO refrigeration unit. A sustainable solution and our new option for uninterrupted driving.



The modular cooling unit CELSINEO is a development of KRONE and Liebherr and has three cooling modules. The modules of CELSINEO can all be controlled individually. This results in more precise control of the temperature in the loading area. Uninterrupted cooling is ensured by simultaneous cooling and defrosting. The system covers numerous areas of application, making the overall trailer system even more versatile.