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The triple pack – for the highest availability

Uninterrupted trips thanks to three independent cooling modules.

Celsineo-Aggregat Rendering

Efficiency through MODULARITY


Three independent cooling modules guarantee an uninterrupted journey. If one module fails, the other two maintain the preset temperature. Long, unanticipated downtimes are a thing of the past. This CELSINEO principle enables greater independence from previous manufacturers and refrigeration technicians. This increases the profitability of the trailer.

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CELSINEO's mission is to continually provide fresh momentum, stemming from the new alternatives for cooling logistics now available. Simplicity is a benchmark when it comes to usability.

CELSINEO offers extremely fast pulldown, extremely easy operation, and cost-saving repairs due to the small number of service parts. You can contact the hotline 24 hours a day.

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Reliability through COST EFFICIENCY


With CELSINEO you are making a smart investment in your capacity and time, and consequently in the benefits for your customers. Consistently low operating costs make it easier to plan the future.

The logistics sector is under tremendous pressure. Circumstances are changing ever faster, which also exerts increased pressure on journeys and equipment. CELSINEO helps companies plan costs more precisely. The result: low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership = acquisition, operating and maintenance costs)

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Cooling unit status: RELIABLE!


CELSINEO cooling systems are a guarantee for superior quality and have been validated in numerous product and field tests, in order to maximise cooling availability and reliability.

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